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Horse Show

Monday, November 10th, 2014
Madeleine and Cinders

Madeleine and Cinders


Madeleine and her ribbons


Madeleine has been riding for 4 years now. I should clarify and say she has been taking horseback riding lessons and not bike riding lessons.  She can ride a bike but it’s not her favorite thing. Side-note: She might not enjoy bike riding because her bike is really small for her and she looks like a circus act. Anyway, Madeleine has been riding for awhile now. I’m proud of her. She is extremely cautious and has learned to take risks through her riding lessons. I made it my goal to not push her or give her any feedback on her riding other than to tell her she did a great job. Her first year riding was strictly a time to figure out if she liked riding. She rode little ponies that were already tacked up. She rode on a lead rope the whole time, which means the instructor is leading the horse around the practice ring. After a year of that, we followed a friend to a new barn. Madeleine was matched with her first riding instructor, Marie.  Madeleine is very shy around adults. It took her a long time to actually communicate with Marie. I think they communicated through by using thumbs up or thumbs downs. She took lessons with  Marie for over two years. I feel like it was longer than that. Maybe it was, the years have started to blend together. My old age has addled my brain. Marie worked her ass off trying to get Madeleine to gain some confidence.  Two weeks ago Madeleine went way outside of her comfort zone and did her first horse show. She chose to show a horse she really trusts. Granted, the horse is super old and sometimes falls asleep during lessons. But, she knows he will take care of her.  Madeleine rode in two events and earned some ribbons. I’m totally proud of her and her horse. I’m mostly proud that he stayed away the whole time.

Madeleine and a Pony

Madeleine and a Pony

Madeleine and my horse enemy.

Madeleine and my horse enemy.

Madeleine and Lily with Gatsby and his cards

Madeleine and Lily with Gatsby and his cards


Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Summer is almost over and I couldn’t get my act together to write about this summer. I started a new job at the end of June. Now i’m working  25 hours a week and it has been a huge adjustment for all of us. We didn’t do as many fun things as I wanted to do, so I am in the process of making myself feel terrible about that. After reading Pinterest and peoples’ Facebook updates, I am pretty sure I have failed parenting. The kids did spend time at the pool and played with friends almost every day. I guess I shouldn’t take all the blame of our unfun summer, school didn’t let out until the end of June.

My parents and my sister each visited for a few days. Aiden had a guitar recital and Charlotte had a dance recital. I am trying to figure out where I put the pictures for both those events so I can brag about how amazing my kids are.

We spent time in Northern Michigan with my mom’s side of the family. My mom and Aunt rented a house for the family so we could have some room and enjoy being together. We would stay at my grandma’s cottage but it has  two bedrooms and one bathroom.  There would have been more fights than normal.  I enjoyed watching the kids enjoy the lake. We live near the Chesapeake Bay and sadly, you can’t see the bottom of the bay.  They kept yelling that it was great to see where they were stepping in the water.  I am probably making the Bay seem really gross, it is.

I helped organize a baby shower for my sister. (Big shout out to my mom’s grade school friends for doing all the hard work). Morgan ended up in the hospital with a severe case of preeclampia which turned in the HELLP syndrome.  My beautiful nephew was born seven weeks early. Merrick Christopher was 6 pounds and 18 inches. Not that I think he should have been born that early but could you imagine how big he would have been had he been term.  Merrick was in the NICU for two week before he was released into his parents custody. He is doing great today. My sister and Adam, however, are sleep deprived and have gone insane.

It was an exciting way to end our summer.


Merrick flipping us off

Merrick flipping us off


Merrick meeting his cousins.


Merrick several days old


Uncle Rob throwing Aiden.


Aiden’s birthday party


Old guys fishing



Another Snow Storm?

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

We are supposed to get more snow tonight. Then, the snow is supposed to turn in to icy sleet. When these two statements are added together the result is children staying home from school. My children will then be home from school and unable to play outside because it will be sleeting. I have no guarantees that any of this will happen but I need to be prepared. I have been trying to think of ways to keep them from killing each other and I came up with boxes and cats. The kids are going to build cat houses and force the cats to enjoy being in the houses. It’s probably animal abuse but I can’t worry about that right now. Speaking of animal abuse, I was accused of hurting Willow during the last snow storm. Willow loves being in the snow and it can be a challenge to get her to come inside. I have had to chase her down, pick her up, and carry her in the house. Willow is also really annoying with her barking habit. She will bark at the door until you open it up and throw a stick for her to fetch. This stupid game can and has lasted for hours.  During the first snow incident I had the kids and Willow playing in the front yard. Snow was still fun and the cold didn’t bother anyone yet. Some lady pulled up in front of our house and asked who owned Willow. I was prepared to answer questions about how amazing she is and how she can walk and run without back knees. Yeah. No. That didn’t happen. Instead the woman accused me of leaving her outside so long that her knees froze. She then went on to say that she had been watching my house and keeping track of how long Willow was left outside. Which isn’t creepy at all. After  accusing me of dog abuse, she drove away. She drove up, accused me of animal abuse and drove away. Not creepy at all. The kids and I were rather stunned and Aiden summed it up with one word. “Awkward”.


Thursday, December 26th, 2013







Almost Done

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

With my graduate classes. Taking these classes was supposed to enlighten me. It did. I am totally enlightened at how my children have caused me to lose 100 IQ points. I swear I pretty much walk around drooling. At times I forget my kids names and I can never remember where I put my keys.

I wanted to share picture from Madeleine’s rave slumber party. Yeah, I didn’t take any. Keeping an eye on seven 3rd graders was a bit time consuming. They had glitter, paint, an iPod, and make up. I spent a lot of time trying to keep them from decorating Poppy. She of course is so lazy that she just laid there while they put glitter in her fur.Poor poppy has been coughing up glitter for days. In my defense I was in the middle of making pizza and didn’t notice in time. There are some parents who can keep calm under the pressure of slumber party chaos, and then there is me. The girls ended up going to bed around 2:00am. I was really glad they let me get a lot of sleep before I needed to get Aiden up and ready for his first game at 6am. Which I didn’t attend because I was still with the 3rd graders.

Aiden had a great first game. All the time he has spent practicing, attending clinics, and camps really paid off.  The kid is a hard core butterfly expert. Again, pictures would have been nice but by the time he hit the ice I was attempting to get the make up off of the girls who looked like Mimi from The Drew Cary show.

This weekend is full of…nothing but me trying to write any last minute papers.


Happy Birthday Madeleine

Friday, October 11th, 2013

In one hour Madeleine will be nine. She is our middle child who loves being an older and younger sister. She is really funny in a very sarcastic way (Not sure where she gets that from) Her personality grows more and more everyday. Madeleine decided to learn to play the violin this year. I had hoped she would chose the cello but no such luck. She really wanted a higher pitched instrument. She is also in gymnastics and has kept up with riding. She does all these activities just for fun. Madeleine isn’t a performer and has never liked being in the center of attention. Unless, she is at home and then she tries to run the house. I love that she is constantly challenging herself to learn new things and practices a skill until she can do it. I can’t tell you how much time she has spent trying to learn her multiplication facts. For her birthday we are going to her favorite restaurant: La Madeleine. She really loves her name and anything with her name in it. Next weekend she is having a few friends over for a slumber party. I’m pretty sure they will watch Teenage Beach Movie over and over again. I love my big girl very much and am so proud of her.

IMAG0524 July Pics 001 July Pics 007 maddemommy Picture 013 Christmas 2004 DSCN0823 aidenandmadeleine madeleinewedding


Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Aiden turned 10 at the end of July. 10. A decade. It seems quite impossible that he is already ten. I swear to God he was like 3 a few weeks ago. Aiden is incredibly compassionate towards animals, especially reptiles. I’m sure he would have snake cages all over his bedroom if we let him. We aren’t letting him though, he has his lizard and that’s enough for right now. I’m not sure my nose could handle another smelly cage in such a small space.

He has developed a passion for minecraft. I don’t get it at all. It’s like a poorly programmed 90’s video game. It does have its following among kids. Again, I don’t get it but it’s a game about mining so whatever. I’m not sure why mining is interesting, then again I’m not 10.

He started 4th grade this year. His 4th grade teacher is really amazing. I remind him of how amazing his teacher is compared to my angry 4th grade teacher all the time. Yeah, he has it made. I

Life is moving too quickly and it scares me how fast Aiden and his sisters are growing up. I’m so used to being a mom of little kids I haven’t gotten used to the transition into older children.

Aiden, 1 month old.

Aiden, 1 month old.

Aiden with his creepy obsession.

Aiden with his creepy obsession.

June is Pissing Me Off

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Negative right? I have some really strong reasons for not being fond of June. However, I am attempting to look at life events through different perspectives. Usually I would say,  I am so unfortunate that our washer has been leaking for months, ruining our flooring, and leaking water through the ceiling. I am trying really hard to change my thinking. I took a deep breathe and made myself realize that I am lucky to have found a decent plumber and I am lucky to have home owners insurance. I keep repeating this mantra to myself. As of right now I am unable to use the washing machine, so I get a break from laundry! Yay! When I called our insurance agent to file a claim he told me not to throw out our washing machine.  Yeah, that wasn’t part of my plan. I asked him how I would go about throwing out my washer. He didn’t have a clear answer. All I know is that the bathroom trash is not big enough.

Aiden is heading into his third day of goalie camp. My innocent son has learned so much from the college goalies who are teaching him this week. Yeah, thanks a lot guys. The goalies explained to the campers how to play in college. All Aiden heard was that you have a bigger chance of playing in college if you grew up in Michigan or Canada.  I have ruined my kids career because he is not being raised in Michigan.

Madeleine and Charlotte are loving their no activity summer. They don’t have anything scheduled other than swimming at the pool. I would love for the kids to swim in the bay but it tends to have high levels of bacteria. I don’t want my kids growing a third arm.

6am comes early

Last Week of School

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

I have almost made it. It has been a huge adjustment for me to work full time. Yeah yeah, I know people do it all the time. I am pretty sure anyone would have an adjustment period if they had been off of work for 9 years. It was great experience and a way for me to get back into teaching.

My house is a disaster and I will need a year to clean it up. I am not the best at time management and working didn’t help a whole lot. The kids and I will begin our purge of excess junk next weekend.

There it is, me +working= an unorganized house

Christmas Past

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

I love looking through past Christmas pictures. As much as the holiday brings on a world of emotions, I have always enjoyed digging through the past. This year feels especially different because  I know there are so many parents who are without their children this year. Even one parent without their child is too many. My heart really breaks for the unopened presents, the unused tooth brushes, the empty beds at night. I am going to push myself to get over my holiday issues and look back at my memories with nothing but joy. I promised myself that this year. I have what so many do not. So, I am going to share my favorite memories, because I am lucky enough to have them.