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Happy Birthday Willow

Friday, October 18th, 2013

I’m shocked our girl made it a year, especially after she ate my mom’s carpet and jumped on her furniture while covered in med.  She can walk, run and get on the counter to eat a stick of butter.  Actually she is a huge jackass.

Baby Willow


Standing at two months

On our way home for the first time!

On our way home for the first time!

I Did Something

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

I’ve been avoiding my blog because I didn’t want to explain what I had done. It was hard enough to make the call to my mom. It sounds mysterious doesn’t it? Want to know what I did? I adopted this:


Ok, I know I said I was going to wait a long time before I adopted another pet. Well, I am a weak weak woman. I saw her face on the rescue website and could not control my actions. Why was she on the rescue website? Well, Willow has one slight issue. She has very weak back legs. I’m taking her to the vet next week and hopefully we will have an idea of what to do about her legs. She has been getting stronger since we brought her home several weeks ago. Her breeder wasn’t sure what caused her legs to become weak or straightened. Since Willow won’t become a show dog like her sisters, she was given to us. If there is one thing that draws people together, it’s a puppy with a disability. Look at her face. Just try and resist her cuteness.


Willow likes to use the Ipad.

Willow and Charlotte

Cute puppy face

Willow thinks she is hiding.

If anyone would like to know if I am insane, the answer is yes. Yes, I am crazy and I know I am two more animals away from being on the show Hoarders.


The Kittens and The Snake

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

I now live with snakes. Yeah, that’s right snakes.  Two weeks ago we took a family trip to an aquatic/reptile store. Well, not the whole family. Madeleine was with her friend Lexi, who is an only child and therefore has no annoying little sister to interrupt whatever it was that they were doing. We went to the pet store to buy some fish for Aiden’s fish tank. We went for fish. That was it. All was going to according to plan and budget until Keith saw the snakes. Apparently, he has been wanting a snake. Something I had no idea of until he said, “I have always wanted a snake”. When you have lived with someone for a million years you would think the wanting of a snake would come up. He had his eye set on this Kenyan sand boa. Apparently, they aren’t dangerous and spend most of their time hiding under the sand. When he asked if he could get the snake I couldn’t say no. Why? In the years we have been together I have adopted four dogs,three cats, two guinea pigs, and two bearded dragons. It’s important to know when to keep your mouth shut and just nod. Also, I knew I could hold this against him when I needed to. Marriage is never about things being fair. We left the store with the snake. He is small and he really does nothing.

The following day we headed out on another family outing. Yeah, I know, all this togetherness was giving me a headache too. This time we went to PetCo as Aiden needed crickets for his baby bearded dragon. When we walked into the store my eyes locked onto an adoption event for kittens. I said I was never going to get another car. Then I saw a tiny orange kitten that looked like my old cat Duncan, I’m not sure what came over me but I adopted that damn cat. I’m still not sure why I was compelled to adopt a cat but I am blaming it on snake insanity. Of course while I was adopting the kitten I left Keith and Aiden unattended. Stupid stupid rookie mistake. The boys saw a corn snake and much to my dismay we now own two snakes and a kitten.  I have put a ban on anyone coming with me to PetCo from now on. I also put a ban on family outings that take place near animals.

Now that I am done explain pet nonsense I am going to run six stupid miles because I am signed up to run a half marathon. But that is a whole other story.

Mr. Badness. We also call him Sparty

Aiden with his creepy obsession.

So About the Bearded Dragon…

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The week after school started Aiden’s bearded dragon died. Yeah. That happened to him. That happened after a month of struggling with the loss of Meadow. His dog. He kept saying to us that he was happy to at least have Spud. When I found spud dead after Aiden had gone to school I knew it was going to be completely terrible. I had two options, find a German shepherd puppy to rescue or get another bearded dragon.  Chances of finding a puppy to rescue were nil so I opted for the bearded dragon. I was absolutely not trying to replace Spud but the kid had been through enough so I thought a baby beardie might help just a little. I was slightly dramatic when I hurried into PetCo. I think I told them that I was having a bearded dragon emergency and I needed a baby right now. Sometimes I wonder how I am allowed out in public. I can’t even begin to imagine how I will behave when I am 80. Oh wait, yes I can.

I bought Aiden the fattest baby I could find and brought him home. The transition for the new beardie “Jet” has been seamless. He is rather happy. I guess. I’m still not sure how you know if a lizard is happy.

Aiden, was understandably devastated at losing Spud. He loves his new little guy but misses Spud. Spud would sit with him while he read, played the guitar, and did homework. I’ve never been attached to a lizard, unless you count my ex-boyfriend from high school, but Aiden is and that was enough to make me hurt for him.

Aiden has learned a lot about saying good bye this summer.  He never had the chance with Meadow so we were sure to let him say goodbye to Spud with a family funeral. It was as heartbreaking as you can get for three kids trying to bury a beloved pet.

I know they have to learn about death and endings, it doesn’t make it any easier for a parent. He is strong and working his way through the pet grieving process.

Now, the next post I will discuss snakes and kittens.

My Meadow

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

It’s been two weeks since we lost her. My mom picked up her ashes from the vet yesterday. I feel better knowing she is “with” my mom. I have been having a tough time since coming back from Michigan. I run at night with Poppy and I miss how excited Meadow used to become as I got us ready to go for a run. These are a few of my favorite pictures of my girl.


Saturday, January 28th, 2012

I really really love running. Outside. I love running outside. I hate running on a treadmill. I spend the whole time staring at the millage tracker, praying for it to move faster. It never does. I swear a mile is twice as far when I am running inside. I was running consistently this fall and then I became incredibly lazy once “winter” hit. I put quotes around winter because we haven’t really had a winter so I have no reason for not running outside.

Yesterday I forced myself to get outside and run. I brought my fat lazy dogs along with me because I was feeling generous towards them. They love the hell out of running with me. I have mixed feelings about running with them. I like having them along because the likelihood that I will be abducted and murdered goes way down. If you can get through my two dogs to get to me then I just wasted a lot of time and money feeding those dogs. I have this awesome running leash system that goes around my waist so I can have my hands free. In theory its amazing. We are still working out the kinks. Here is what my typical run looks

0:00-0:05  Leash up the dogs and start my running tracker so I can watch how far and how fast I have run.

0:05-0:10 Begin walking quickly so I can warm up. I have a dog on each side of my waist. Meadow wants to be near Poppy so she abruptly walks in front of me. I trip three times and kick Meadow twice.

0:10-0:15 Begin running while pushing Meadow out from my feet. Trip three more times. I haven’t fallen once so I consider this a success.

0:15-0:20 Poppy stops and this is where I realize I forgot her crap backpack. Yeah. She feels the need to go to the bathroom every damn time we run. Frick. I don’t have the waste baggies and I can’t just leave it in the street. I would like to say I care about the environment but I really care about getting yelled at for leaving crap around the neighborhood. It’s a valid concern. SO we run to the next doggie waste disposal station. (Did I mention Annapolis is dead serious about leaving crap around)? I grab a waste bag and we run back to collect her crap. We then run back to the crap trash can and continue on with our run. Have I said how nasty it is to run, even briefly, with a dog crap bag in your hand? It’s nasty. I have brief visions of drowning the dogs.

0:20-0:25. Meadow decides she needs to crap. God DAMN IT. I have to go back to the waste station and repeat the same routine all over again. I now think about stabbing and eating my dogs. Don’t judge me until you have tried to train for a run with a dog crap bag in your hand.

0:25-0:31 We run nicely together and I decide to love my dogs again. They are really furry and sweet.

0:31-Stupid beagle comes out of nowhere and tries to attack us. Dogs go nuts and my running leash goes insane and traps me. I am now trapped in between three dogs. Totally not happy.  It takes a bit but the owner finally comes outside and helps. Yeah, I have never liked beagles and now I really don’t like them.

I decided to stop timing my run and attempt to get home quickly. I am now over this attempt at exercise. I am also over my dogs.

This is why I really love running on my own. Sadly, I will probably take them running today.



Pups at war

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007


Keith used to travel a lot for work and I was never worried about being alone. My biggest reason? Tony. I knew he had us guarded. Any time someone came near the house he’d pitch a loud fit. I was thinking last night, with hunting season coming up, that I am a little more nervous about being alone. Today I have taken stock of all I have protecting me. Not to mention Aiden is fierce with his foam bow and arrow set.