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The New Principal

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Aiden and Madeleine love their principal. In fact the whole school loves her. She has earned the love through her crazy stunts to promote learning. The poor woman has been duck taped to a wall, hit with a pie, and eaten grasshoppers. I think the grasshoppers were covered in chocolate so it’s not that horrible. You might not think throwing a pie at someone would encourage children to perform well on math tests but…A pie in the face is really awesome.


School has been going well under the guidance of the principal. Life was cheery for all the lovely children. Until three weeks ago. Three weeks ago the bottom fell out. The fantastic principal had to have minor surgery which put her out until the 9th. Hopefully.

Cue grumpy old retired substitute principal. He has taken the place of the beloved principal. This sent the kids into a tizzy. An absolute frenzy of kid anger and kid resentment. Wild rumors are flying around about this man. Apparently he hates kids, makes everyone walk in straight lines, yells at you randomly, and even insists on silence in the lunch room. Gasp. I’m all like suck it up kids you didn’t have my mean first grade teacher. She was really something to fear.

Right before winter break Aiden was refusing to go to school. I questioned him as to why he didn’t want to go to school. This is a snippet of our conversation.

“Aiden, why don’t you want to go to school”?

“The principal is so mean. He told me to hurry up at my locker. Why would he do something like that”?

“Well because you can move very slowly, but you are still going to school”.

“You would send your son to a school where the principal hates kids”?

I could smell utter nonsense at that statement. But I pretended to look shocked.

“WHAT? He told the students that he hates kids. Oh my gosh. I have to call the school board about that. That’s not even legal to say that”.

As I was grabbing for my phone Aiden looked rather uncomfortable…

“Ah mom, I was hoping to keep this just between us”.

“But he hates kids Aiden. Who did he tell this to”?

“Um, one of the kids in before care. And those kids know stuff. They are at the school first”.

Right that clearly makes you know stuff. Being at the school first. Let’s just hope the principal returns before the kids know anymore “stuff”.


Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

This past weekend was filled with great outside weather. The scooters were out in full force which was rather funny to watch. Madeleine had a friend over and which meant were down a scooter.  So she decided to get her bike out. I knew this was going to be an issue. We really need to adjust the training wheels on the bike they make it hard to ride. Not to mention she has only been on this bike a handful of times. She prefers to ride her too small bike and ends up looking like a circus act. So here we are;  me watching, her trying to ride, and Aiden shouting instructions. You know because he has soooo much experience. Madeleine finally became frustrated enough to start crying. I went to take a look at the bike and Aiden felt the need to jump in. Thank you Aiden I really need your guidance.  Finally, after getting absolutely nowhere with the bike, I started taking it  back into the garage. Aiden continued telling me how to fix it until I snapped at him. I mean I really snapped at him. He looked at me completely offended and said to me, “Well fine then, see if I ever give you my advice again”. And then he walked away. But it didn’t last. Because Aiden is that guy. The guy who knows everything.

Meeting the Teacher

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The following conversation may have taken place yesterday while meeting Aiden’s new teacher.

“Does Aiden have any unusual responses when angered”?

“He growls”

“He Growls”?

“Yes, he growls”.

“I’ll put no”.

Then and Now

Monday, April 27th, 2009

A few years ago I gave birth to this baby: 12.jpg

And then a year later I gave birth to this baby: madeleine-crawl.JPG

I was a little smarter the third time around so I waited about three years to have this baby: charlotte1.jpeg

With each baby I wised up more and more. One of my cousins is getting ready to have his first child and this really got me thinking about everything I have learned. I could fill a book. Hold that thought, my baby is trying to climb the stairs with dog food in her mouth.

1. If you swaddle them, they will sleep. They may cry more in the first few minutes but they do settle down. Poor Aiden was stopped being swaddled at three days. Again, just my factual opinion.

2. If they sleep with you all the time and I do mean all the time. They will never ever go away. You will then find a five year old sneaking into your bed in the middle of the night. Hopefully it will at least be your own five year old because the alternative is just odd.

3. No one will explode if you give your child formula even when you are nursing. If breast milk solved the world’s problems then third world countries would not exist.

4. Do not over think nursing. It hurts a hell of a lot the first week or so and then it gets magically better. Stop reading tons of books.

5. Jarred baby food is just fine. I was so insistent on making all of Aiden’s food from scratch. I am so glad I did but if I tried to find the time to make food she would starve. Ground up dog food is just fine for my baby.

6. All mom’s secretly judge each other.

7. If you work, you think staying at home is easier. If you stay at home, you secretly long for life in a cubical.

8. Laundry triples in the middle of the night.

9. There will be at least one time you forget an emergency outfit.

10. Sticking a pacifier in your mouth to clean it works.

I am sure there is more wisdom to impart but right now, my thinking for today is done.

Career Day

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Yesterday was career day at Aiden’s school.  Which was positively thrilling when it involved a fire truck. Everyone knows that a good career day involves a fire truck or the remote possibility of fire. Keith was upset when I told him that besides the fireman, another parent, who is in the medical field, spoke. I had to explain to him slowly that most 4 year olds are not concerned with incident response. Now if he lit his computer on fire, well that would be an incident they could respond to.