March Has Issues

March has had some serious issues weather wise. We had two snow days this month along with several days of mild temperatures. All I want to do is get outside and work on my yard. Which is an odd thing for me to say because I usually wait for my dad to work on my yard. Not this year. This year I will tame my yard and make it my…friend.

Last weekend we took the kids on an exotic hockey themed vacation. Translation= Aiden had a hockey tournament in northern Maryland so we stayed at a Hampton Inn. In the past, I have complained about staying in hotels with obnoxious youth hockey players. I find the more judgmental I am the more life teaches me all kinds of lessons. The kids on the team had a great time and learned a huge lesson about fairness. Like life is usually not fair. They played a team that had louder parents, louder coaches and more aggressive players. The game ended with our guys getting slashed twice and checked once. It was really hard not to become angry and freak out but I did some hard core breathing exercises and calmed myself down. I reminded myself that it was youth hockey and not that big of a deal. I did make fun of one parent from the other team but he really had it coming. He named his kid Ranger and spent the entire game coaching from the bench. If I had to hear “Ranger, skate faster” one more time I was going to chuck my coffee at him. The parent. Not Ranger. I’m not even sure which one was Ranger. Anyway, they won two out of three games and ended their season with a win. I didn’t even get too mad when one of the kids on Aiden’s team got his toe stuck in an elliptical trainer. He didn’t realize it wasn’t a toy and you need shoes for it. We got his smashed toe out and he skated the next morning. If you are wondering  if the girls had fun, the answer is yes. They swam, they ate chick fil a, and they bought new shoes. Win win for all.

The standardized tests are done for the school year and now we are heading into science project season. Madeleine’s project involves crystals and Aiden is working on filtering bay water. Somehow. These projects will require a lot of coffee and mental toughness on my part. Working with Aiden on anything science requires the mental toughness.


Aiden and Adam getting ready for their game. Either that or they are stuck and can't move with all the equipment on.

Aiden and Adam getting ready for their game. Either that or they are stuck and can’t move with all the equipment on.


Celebrating a hard fought win. Poor Aiden is at the bottom of the pack protecting his head and his manhood.


Adam and Aiden the super nerds! I mean super goalies. But mostly super nerds!


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