Kid’s Activities.

All three of the kids have activities. I feel like parents are really taking their kids activities to a level that’s higher than necessary and I always worry that I will become like them.  I think if I keep following the lead of my kids then I will keep myself under control and not get caught up in activity fever. The girls do gymnastics one day a week and neither is interested in being on a team or competing. This is something I can completely understand as I was never a fan of competing. I liked learning to do different skills because it was fun.  Competing? Yeah, no. I was terrible at it. I would freak out before a meet, during a meet, and after a meet. I was a complete headcase. I’m afraid that they would also become headcases when they competed because I’m pretty sure I passed on the headcase gene. Madeleine’s other activity is horseback riding. Again, she rides one day a week and has been for four years. She just started jumping a few months ago but she is taking it very slow. Like really slow. She will only jump over flower boxes and do not mention cantering. No thanks she is just fine trotting. No need to be all extreme or anything. She is thinking about doing a show in the fall to get a ribbon and candy. I also get that too because I do like candy. This year we added another activity for Charlotte. She began taking dance classes. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out for her because she usually likes to copy Madeleine. Madeline however, has no interest in being a  performer. Charlotte went for it and began taking classes on her own. She seems to really love. Her costume for her June recital is hanging in her closet and her dances are being practiced. We had a meeting at the dance studio to go over details for the June recital. I was amazed at how serious these parents are. The studio is giving a class on how to do buns because a lot of moms are worried they won’t get it right. It’s a bun people. Pony tail, twist, pin it. Seriously. A class on how to do buns. I maybe have entered the dance twilight zone.

Aiden had try outs for travel hockey a few weeks ago. We never pushed him into trying out for the travel team, it was something he wanted on his own. During the process, I watched a lot of parents take it very very seriously. I found myself becoming nervous about the whole process. It seemed like the coaches knew ahead of time who they would pick. However ,through communication from the coaches it was believed that Aiden had a shot. Instead, it went in a whole other direction. Aiden would be playing on the rec league with limited playing time. I have always been a fan of him playing at the rec level. What began to worry me was that he would be on of at least three goalies on one team.  It looked like he would be playing every third game at the most. When I discussed my concerns with one of the coaches we were told to go elsewhere if we wanted Aiden to get playing time.  As a four year member of the hockey club, this was upsetting. I didn’t want Aiden to play at a club where the focus seemed to be on winning and not on learning. Again, this is my perception and nothing that was ever verbally stated. We choose to move Aiden to a club closer to our house where he would get a decent amount of playing time and learn a lot in the process.

I’m beginning to feel like an idiot for spending so much time taking the kids to these activities. I guess if I’m an idiot then there are a lot of idiots with me shlepping our kids from one thing to the next. I   justify this behavior  because they like their activities and we always put school first.


Now if you will excuse I am going to go watch Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras.



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