Summer is almost over and I couldn’t get my act together to write about this summer. I started a new job at the end of June. Now i’m working  25 hours a week and it has been a huge adjustment for all of us. We didn’t do as many fun things as I wanted to do, so I am in the process of making myself feel terrible about that. After reading Pinterest and peoples’ Facebook updates, I am pretty sure I have failed parenting. The kids did spend time at the pool and played with friends almost every day. I guess I shouldn’t take all the blame of our unfun summer, school didn’t let out until the end of June.

My parents and my sister each visited for a few days. Aiden had a guitar recital and Charlotte had a dance recital. I am trying to figure out where I put the pictures for both those events so I can brag about how amazing my kids are.

We spent time in Northern Michigan with my mom’s side of the family. My mom and Aunt rented a house for the family so we could have some room and enjoy being together. We would stay at my grandma’s cottage but it has  two bedrooms and one bathroom.  There would have been more fights than normal.  I enjoyed watching the kids enjoy the lake. We live near the Chesapeake Bay and sadly, you can’t see the bottom of the bay.  They kept yelling that it was great to see where they were stepping in the water.  I am probably making the Bay seem really gross, it is.

I helped organize a baby shower for my sister. (Big shout out to my mom’s grade school friends for doing all the hard work). Morgan ended up in the hospital with a severe case of preeclampia which turned in the HELLP syndrome.  My beautiful nephew was born seven weeks early. Merrick Christopher was 6 pounds and 18 inches. Not that I think he should have been born that early but could you imagine how big he would have been had he been term.  Merrick was in the NICU for two week before he was released into his parents custody. He is doing great today. My sister and Adam, however, are sleep deprived and have gone insane.

It was an exciting way to end our summer.


Merrick flipping us off

Merrick flipping us off


Merrick meeting his cousins.


Merrick several days old


Uncle Rob throwing Aiden.


Aiden’s birthday party


Old guys fishing



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