I swear every time I say I am going to write more I do the exact opposite. But lets face it, most people follow Facebook anyway. Then, I remind myself that life is flying way too fast with the kids. It’s hard to remember everything that we do and I really need to remember.

We went to Michigan for Thanksgiving because I really wanted to see my nephew. He born in August and I felt like I had already missed enough time. Aiden and Charlotte had been asking to meet him, Madeleine wasn’t thank interested.  She isn’t really a baby person. I think that can be something you are born with. I always liked babies, kids, and babysitting. Morgan however, has never been a baby person. It has an eye opener watching her with Merrick. It’s like I wasn’t looking and my sister grew up into an adult with a baby and a career. That’s what I mean by missing things and trying to remember.

Charlotte and Merrick really bonded. She laid on the floor with him talking to him and he would coo back at her. Charlotte has these funny stuffed animals called “beanie boos” that she loves. She would hold them over Merrick so he could look into the beanie boos eyes. It was weird and really funny. I think he likes the beanie boos as much as he likes my mom’s ceiling fan. Aiden spent the majority of the time in Michigan trying to drive the four wheeler and shooting the rifle. I think he considers himself an expert marksman now. If Aiden could find a way to combine Annapolis with Michigan I am fairly certain he would do that.

Madeleine was able to go shopping with Cousins Laurel and Lindsey. That’s all she needed.

We spent the last day of break in Michigan with my dad’s side of the family. Between the cousins we  have a lot of children. My grandma is  almost up to 10 great grandchildren. The girl cousins are loud and had outnumbered the boys. The boys have overtaken them and have Aiden as their leader. Things could get serious as soon as all of the boys are potty trained. I mean the younger boys need to be potty trained. I think the three old guys have it under control. I think.


I also took Aiden to ice skate at Munn ice area. It was his best day ever.

Aiden, Charlotte, and Merrick  November 2014

Aiden, Charlotte, and Merrick November 2014

IMG_3643  IMG_3648

Merrick and the Beanie Boo   IMG_3632 IMG_3620 IMG_3624



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