Spring 2015

I have to keep my blog writing a secret from Madeleine. I am not supposed to talk about her. At all. Ever. On any platform or to anyone. However, I am often proud of her want to share stories about her. This has been banned. Now, when I talk about my kids it will sound like I only have two children. I’m worried people will think I don’t love her and have her locked up in a box somewhere.  However, If I was going to talk about Madeleine I would say she has really worked hard meeting her some of the goals she set for herself. She wanted to do better in Math and also learn some new skills in gymnastics. I would love to show you pictures of her doing math but those would be rather boring so I show you some gymnastics pictures.

Madeleine and Charlotte Upside Down

Madeleine and Charlotte Upside Down


Math has been the hardest challenge this year. She has had to learn a lot in a short amount of time. I don’t remember learning long division until fifth grade but she is doing it in fourth. I feel the familiar math panic set in when she brings her homework out at night. I have been saved many times by the internet and face-timing with my mom. Madeleine has some kick ass teachers who work really hard with the kids. If Madeleine doesn’t understand a homework assignment I will write a not on the top of the home and the teachers will go over the assignment in small groups to make sure the kids are learning the concepts. This is our second year with this teacher and I hope that Charlotte will get her too.

Some parents seem shocked when their children are learning more than they are. Not me. I assumed  my kids would be smarter than I am. I’m banking on it. It is going  to take some serious intelligence to take care of me when I’m old.





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