Summer Birthdays

I need to write more so I can remember all the things that we do. My memory is pretty terrible right now. I’d like to think it’s because I have so many schedules to keep straight.

Summer went by fairly quickly. I worked during the summer so the kids were home during the day with the babysitter. I feel guilty about this. I think society has me conditioned to think that summer time should be fun for kids. Like nonstop fun. Which is insane. Morgan and I were home in the summer with my dad. He was never concerned about fun. I need to let my worry of fun go. They are kids and they aren’t in school, that should be enough fun.

Charlotte turned 7 this summer. I can hardly believe it and this is mostly because she is the baby of the family. We all treat her like this still. I’m trying to break us of this habit. We can’t keep calling her baby Charlotte when she finally graduates from college. My cousin came out to surprise Charlotte for her birthday. I’m sure it was the best gift she received. We took Charlotte and a couple friends to eat lunch and have their nails done. Judging by the amount of cartwheels that were done throughout the day the girls had a great time.


Aiden turned 12 this summer and his entire summer was like a giant birthday party. He attended one engineering camp and two hockey camps. See what I mean? It was the summer of Aiden. His actual birthday was spent in Beulah Michigan. We spent five days at my grandma’s cottage. Thank God the weather was great this year. We were able to spend a lot of time kayaking and swimming. They even went tubing.

It will probably be the last summer I need to use a babysitter for the kids. Next year they might might might be able to take care of themselves. Maybe.

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