Middle School

Aiden is over three months into his middle school career. I had more issues with him starting middle school than he did. I was sure wearing a uniform would send him over the edge but it’s been easy for him. He likes not having to think about clothes in the morning. He really prefers not to think at all in the morning but that’s a different issue. He has figured out how to get himself up and ready for school with a minimal amount of nagging from me. There are times when I need to tell him to brush his teeth. I hope to God I can stop reminding him to brush his teeth by the time he starts college otherwise he’ll need to find a job that has excellent denture benefits.

Aiden has been riding the bus everyday. I guess it’s loud and slightly chaotic so I’m guessing its a lot like Lord of the Flies. Most of the kids from that book survived so how bad can it be? He actually stays after school once a week to willingly participate in Model United Nations. I was positive he was forced into a group but he chose it. He is choosing to stay after school to learn more about different countries and their governments. This is fun for him. I’m not even joking. Oh and they fund-raise for starving kids in third world countries… during lunch! Lunchtime. The time when normal kids act like a-holes and fool around. I’m going to be honest and say I’m not sure where this kid comes from. I’d be worried that he was too good but then he asks to modify disposable lights and I know he is going to be OK. Well he wont be OK if he modifies lighters…

He has been working really hard to improve his goalie skills and it’s paying off. Goaling is an entirely different post so I’ll end this for now. Also I don’t feel like typing anymore.


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