We made it through the winter. I wasn’t entirely sure that was going to happen. We’ve had a big change with our family dynamic. I began working fulltime. It has made things as chaotic as I thought they would be. A benefit to my new job is that it has made the bigger kids more responsible. You know, they are able to put their clothes mostly in the hamper. And, if I nag and threaten they will put their clothes away after they are washed. I did hire someone to hang out with them after school and help get them to their activities. I wasn’t ready to leave them to their own devices. Not to mention that taking care of Charlotte is a seriously exhausting job and not for the beginner.  It’s amazing how they are moving towards independence and yet they still need us around to guide them through the emotional and educational ups and downs.

Aiden just finished his peewee season of hockey. He moves into the next phase of playing hockey. The checking phase. Another phase towards growing up. I’m not worried about him getting hurt. He’s a goalie and people have been running into him since he started playing goal. He’ll be spending a lot of time practicing with teenagers. I’m sure he’ll learn a lot about hockey and about other things I don’t want to picture my boy learning about.

Madeleine has been learning a lot about tween girl dynamics. Enough said.

Charlotte doesn’t like me working at all. Apparently she is abandoned and is being raised by wolves. She makes her feelings well known.

We’re coming upon the end of 5th grade for Madeleine. She is pretty excited about being with Aiden at the middle school next year. Charlotte is getting ready for her dance recital. I’m not sure how her dances are going because she won’t share her “work” with anyone.

One day at a time.

Merrick hanging out with great grandma.

Merrick hanging out with great grandma.


Charlotte “enjoying” a Washington Capitals game.


We gave Merrick and Ovechkin doll.


Charlotte got her ears pierced!


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